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PC TABLES LLC is a leading manufacturer of portable workstations for laptop pc's and other portable equipment. Our flagship product, TABLETOTE, is a one of the best selling portable workstations of its kind. It provides business travelers and consumers a portable workspace that can be carried with them and used anytime, anywhere. Read what people are saying about our company and our Tabletote. We are looking forward to hearing from you too!

I owned one of these for 5 years. I used is often during airport lay overs, delays, and cancellation. It fit in my bag perfectly, took 20 seconds to setup and dismantle, was more comfortable than using my lap, allowed use of a mouse and left my hands free for other things. I immediately replaced it after my laptop bag was stolen. Would not travel without it.

I have had mine for more than 5 years. I love it over 3-legged designs because it is far more sturdy, not as easy to knock over. Great for going into small conference rooms, large conference halls where we're expected to sit away from other tables, and doctors' examining rooms where there is little or no space to set laptop. Most conference tables are too high to type comfortably, so I set mine up to the right of my steno machine. This also gives me line of sight to all speakers. I recommend this to every court reporter who will listen.

Great in hotel rooms, trade shows, and even outdoors. The infinitely adjustable legs make it invaluable when doing field work on uneven terrain, providing a firm and stable surface for computer work, writing, and specimen analysis.

Works great! This is my 2nd purchase of this particular desk. The first one..I think I lost it or something. And I really wasn't using it right. When the legs are turned in one direction (I think right) it becomes a very strong and stable table. Will buy yet again!

A nice little laptop portable table, very compact & self contained when not in use. Light weight yet sturdy when assembled for use, & may well come in handy for a multitude of other uses where a small portable table could be useful.

Arrived next day...great piece of kit. Would definitely go to this seller again...

I use it for small 25 keys midi controller (as a regular keyboard stand doesn't work very well for such controllers) and it works perfectly. It's unbelievable light, well-designed and can be transported in virtually any regular bag. Also, I can guarantee It will hold a 15" laptop without any problem, even in a live performance situation with unstable floor on the stage. Very recommended.

Cracking little unit. Just as described and holds the laptop and a radio mic perfectly. When you first put it up it feels a little light weight to do the job, but believe me it is sturdy enough. Great little item, well worth the money. Arrived next day too :-

Everything as expected! A+

I got my first Tabletote in while deployed to Iraq, and it has been in almost constant use since 2009. I am buying a new one because I want the cell phone and cup holders. I often travel with the Army and my Tabletote goes with me every time. It's perfect for travelling light and its very compact, so I don't take a lot of space when I set up my laptop. It provides plenty of space for my larger gaming laptop and has enough surface space for my mouse as well. And I also use it when I want to have my laptop on my bed. I just take the legs off and its a sturdy surface to lie down and watch a movie, or bust heads playing my game.

The only reason it is not 5 star is the legs. The legs have lasted my many years and they are a little wobbly and I have had to use epoxy to reattach the top anchor pieces to the poles. However, after that very minor repair, it has stood the test of time, travel and the Army life style.

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Thanks for the quick follow-up to the questions I had with your product. Customer Service A++

the best product ever..LAST 4 YEARS...

I appreciate the speedy arrival and quality of the product

Great product, quicker than expected delivery. I would order from this company again


One Great Table! Constructed with telescoping leg assemblies made from aircraft-grade aluminum and a sturdy space age injection molded fiber composite polycarbonate filled plastic, this compact retracting workstation has superior strength and durability but still maintains a very low weight for ease of transporting.

The Tabletote workstation is warranted for 90 days from date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

To return an item to our company, please provide a reason for your return. The product must be returned in same condition as received. We cannot refund your original shipping charges. The returned merchandise will be credited to your credit card.


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