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PC TABLES LLC is a leading manufacturer of portable workstations for laptop pc's and other portable equipment. Our flagship product, TABLETOTE, is a one of the best selling portable workstations of its kind. It provides business travelers and consumers a portable workspace that can be carried with them and used anytime, anywhere. The collapsible table is a versatile, stable workstation that can be used in a variety of situations, such as airports, hotels, meetings, at school or even outside. Makes a GREAT GIFT!


SIMPLY THE BEST Lightweight, Portable, Compact Laptop Stand Available. If not completely satisfied, can return within 90 days for FULL REFUND. After reviewing alternative products, 85% of consumers purchase TABLETOTE. TABLETOTE is used by our military troops worldwide. Compare to other laptop stands selling for between $75-$100.  TABLETOTE portable laptop and projector stand is perfect for professionals, students, speakers or anyone on the go and needing a mobile, compact, light-weight, sturdy and adjustable work surface. Convenient workspace sets up in just seconds and without tools. Can be used anywhere from boardroom to dorm room. Fits in most PC carrying cases, briefcases and backpacks. Transport size is 13" long x 10 1/8" wide x 1 1/8" thick (when fully compacted). Weighs less than 3 lbs. Comes with lightweight aluminum telescoping legs, that can extend from 13" to 29". GREAT GIFT ITEM.

STAND-UP TABLETOTE (being redesigned)

This is the ORIGINAL TABLETOTE unit which includes an extra set of longer legs, allowing for STAND UP USE. The longer legs allow for height up to 39 inches vs the regular TABLETOTE height of 29 inches. For maximum stability, it's recommended that the unit not be used at its maximum height of 39 inches. Longer legs CANNOT be stored in the underbelly of the table. Compare to other laptop/projector stands selling for between $75-$100. ONLY laptop stand that EXTENDS for sit down and standup use. Like the regular TABLETOTE, this stand is also perfect for professionals, students, speakers or anyone on the go needing a mobile, compact, light-weight, sturdy and adjustable work surface. This convenient stand sets up in just seconds and requires no tools. Can be used anywhere from boardroom to dorm room. Fits in most PC carrying cases, briefcases and backpacks. When fully compacted, its transport size is  13" long x 10 1/2" wide x 1 1/8" thick. Slide bottom creates expandable work surface by sliding onto table top (extends work surface from 13" to 23"). * Telescopic fully adjustable quick twist lock legs to accommodate heights from 13" to 39". Maximum load weight is 18 lbs evenly distributed. Lightweight (less than 3.5 pounds. If not completely satisfied, can return within 30 days for FULL REFUND.


New Tabletote Plus underbelly showing legs and accessoriesTABLETOTE PLUS is our newest and most exciting product yet. This is the same great "original" TABLETOTE, but comes with 2 clip on accessories - cup holder and pda holder. While working with TABLETOTE, you can now have your pda holder conveniently in front of you to check emails, make phone calls or just listen to music AND can enjoy a beverage at same time(using cup holder). The accessories are smartly stored in the underbelly of the table along with adjustable legs. This allows for easy storage and prevents the accessories from getting lost. Since accessores are offered at no extral charge.

SUPER SAVINGS Best selling portable compact laptop stand in the world


Regular Tabletote- Special Price of $36.99

Tabletote PLUS - Special Price of $39.99

Taller Version* Tabletote - Special Price of $79.99
TABLETOTE is very competitively priced & compares favorably to other laptop stands which sell for almost twice the price
TABLETOTE is exclusively offered via our website and CAN NOT be found in retail stores
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Mobile Workstation Makes Easy Office-On–The–Go

  • STANDING OR SITTING HEIGHT: Adjust from a sitting height as low as 13 inches to a standing height of 30 inches. Whatever your work situation requires, it easily adjusts to a height that will meet your need.
  • USE IN VEHICLE OR AIRPORT: Use it in your clients office or home, at school in your dorm, in company meetings, on trips, at the airport and in your car, truck or RV. Easy, convenient, set-up in seconds.
  • YOU ARRIVE LESS TIRED: Travel is tiring enough. Work more comfortably and arrive less tired. Feel the relief in your neck and back when using a laptop up on a desk – not down on your knees. Enjoy less strain and pain. This desk adjusts to your needs not you to it.
  • YOU SAVE TIME & MONEY: Convenient workspace on trips is often hard to find. Don’t wait to arrive to work. Be more productive en route. Stop searching for a convenient workspace when and where you need it. Now you have one 24/7.
  • SECURE YOUR LAPTOP: Watch out! Don't drop your laptop. Notebooks often fall off laps with negative consequences. Work more securely with your laptop on a desk.

Tabletote Testimonials

Return of the product was quick, hassle-free

Great experience, received promptly and got what I paid for. Thanks!

I'm a walking advertisement for your product. I'm an attorney and I take my TABLETOTE to all my depositions. It allows me to set up anywhere I want in the room. All the other attorneys are always asking about the table and where they can get one

I purchased one about 9 years ago and it's still working great! I bought it for my Bible studies because I got so tired of trying to balance a Bible and write my notes on my lap. Many people have approached me and asked me where I got it because it is such a clever idea! It's light-weight but sturdy, and if you're careful with it, it can last you a long time.


One Great Table! Constructed with telescoping leg assemblies made from aircraft-grade aluminum and a sturdy space age injection molded fiber composite polycarbonate filled plastic, this compact retracting workstation has superior strength and durability but still maintains a very low weight for ease of transporting.

The Tabletote workstation is warranted for 90 days from date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

To return an item to our company, please provide a reason for your return. The product must be returned in same condition as received. We cannot refund your original shipping charges. The returned merchandise will be credited to your credit card.


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