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The tabletote will adjust from 13 inches to 29 inches in height.

Yes, call our customer service line at 1-314-265-7071 from 8am to 5pm cst or email customer service and one can be shipped directly to you.

With it's aluminum legs, can safely hold up to 18 lbs when evenly distributed;more than enough for laptops and portable presentation projectors.

The tabletote™ is constructed of a space age fiber composite filled plastic. This material is injection molded & has superior strength and durability but still maintains a very low weight for ease of transporting.

The tabletote with it's aluminum legs weighs only 2.6 lbs

The transport size is 10 1/2 inches wide, 13 inches long and 1 1/8thick, fully compacted.

The table top is 10 1/2 wide by 15 inches long. And, a unique feature of the tabletote™ is that the top can slide adjust to 21inches wide!; Enough to accommodate a mouse pad, portable projector,or just simply, an extended work surface for documents, pda, or a starbucks.

A telescoping document holder and mouse pad are included free of charge. The document holder allows documents to be hung at eye level for easier transcription. The telescoping document holder also double as an extending pointer for presentations.

Yes, easily. It will actually fit into the seat pocket on most airlines. Designed for traveling professionals, it easily fits into backpacks, book bags, and attache' cases.

It comes with a black plastic top and platinum (silver) legs.

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Regular Tabletote- Special Price of $27.99

Tabletote PLUS - Special Price of $29.99

Taller Version* Tabletote - Special Price of $79.99
TABLETOTE is very competitively priced & compares favorably to other laptop stands which sell for almost twice the price
TABLETOTE is exclusively offered via our website and CAN NOT be found in retail stores
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Mobile Workstation Makes Easy Office-On–The–Go

  • STANDING OR SITTING HEIGHT: Adjust from a sitting height as low as 13 inches to a standing height of 30 inches. Whatever your work situation requires, it easily adjusts to a height that will meet your need.
  • USE IN VEHICLE OR AIRPORT: Use it in your clients office or home, at school in your dorm, in company meetings, on trips, at the airport and in your car, truck or RV. Easy, convenient, set-up in seconds.
  • YOU ARRIVE LESS TIRED: Travel is tiring enough. Work more comfortably and arrive less tired. Feel the relief in your neck and back when using a laptop up on a desk – not down on your knees. Enjoy less strain and pain. This desk adjusts to your needs not you to it.
  • YOU SAVE TIME & MONEY: Convenient workspace on trips is often hard to find. Don’t wait to arrive to work. Be more productive en route. Stop searching for a convenient workspace when and where you need it. Now you have one 24/7.
  • SECURE YOUR LAPTOP: Watch out! Don't drop your laptop. Notebooks often fall off laps with negative consequences. Work more securely with your laptop on a desk.

Tabletote Testimonials

Cracking little unit. Just as described and holds the laptop and a radio mic perfectly. When you first put it up it feels a little light weight to do the job, but believe me it is sturdy enough. Great little item, well worth the money. Arrived next day too :-

I love it! It does exactly what I want it to. Took me awhile to figure out how to put the legs in to be sturdy, but once I figured that out, it functions like I expected for the low price!

After years of heavy and daily use, the plastic friction rings are starting to loosen in their attachments to the telescoping aluminum legs, but I've been able to jury-rig dependable repairs on-the-road with simple tools and a few drops of glue here and there. Impressive durability for an item obviously designed for lightness and perhaps not intended for 30+ hours of service per week, every week. I've just ordered a second Tabletote as a 'parts cow' in the event pieces of my first one finally wear out.

Thanks so much for getting TABLETOTE shipped so quickly. It's a gift for our son at Fort Bragg. Thanks again for exceptional incredible service


One Great Table! Constructed with telescoping leg assemblies made from aircraft-grade aluminum and a sturdy space age injection molded fiber composite polycarbonate filled plastic, this compact retracting workstation has superior strength and durability but still maintains a very low weight for ease of transporting.

The Tabletote workstation is warranted for 90 days from date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

To return an item to our company, please provide a reason for your return. The product must be returned in same condition as received. We cannot refund your original shipping charges. The returned merchandise will be credited to your credit card.


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